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 Worms Ultimate Mayhem Audio Editing

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MessageSujet: Worms Ultimate Mayhem Audio Editing   Sam 14 Nov - 13:56

An older version of Fmod studio that exports to the format FSB4 instead of FSB5 format (you can double check the exported .fsb in hex editor)
It would be great if I found one that does this AND opens the WormsX.fev file Team17 left in the audio folder (it shows full hierarchy instead of using the image I provided below) I've managed to export both FSB4 and FSB5 with version 4.36.0 of Fmod, and the .fev can also be opened - I'm not sure if there is a way in project settings to set which version gets exported, but FSB5 happened when I created a project in a newer version and exported it in this one, and FSB4 happened when I created a new project after having previously created a project in an older version, so I don't really know what is going on.
Edit: RIP Tutorial, they blocked off downloads to older versions and I didn't save the setup.
Edit 2:I've got version 4.30.06 in my history here. It may work? *saves local copy this time in case*

Reference meanings and image:
Event Folder - purple folder icon
Event - white file icon with blue E
Image: http://postimg.org/image/j64z2p9s3/
In the image I didn't expand the folders in the EFMV folder and Speech folder because it would of made the image x20 larger, as for the ambience folder all it holds are one event named "Ambience" each as displayed with first ambient.
While many event names on the list here are correct, if you want 100% working accuracy, look at the original .fsb in XomView

For this example I will be changing the frontendmusic.fsb file. Images (and later on video) will be provided with this tutorial.

Step 1: Rename the root event folder to Master (you will see the property field in the lower right window), and add a new "event group" by right clicking on the Master folder and pressing the "Add event group" option. Also, keep note of the "add event" selection above, as we will be using it later.

Step 2: Name your new event folder frontendmusic. Secondly, the new event that gets created with it, rename it to FrontendDay the same way you renamed Master, and drag the event to the frontendmusic folder.

Step 3: Create a new event (remember end of step 1) and call it femusic, use no templates.

Step 4: Go to the "Sound definitions" tab and right click on the empty list panel on the left, select any of the second two "add sound definition" options.
After you select this you will be greeted with a file browser, go to and select the sound(s) you want to import. For me I will be using the default ambient sound and W4M's menu music (yes there is a way to extract WUM's sounds, but not with FMOD). After you've got your sounds go back to the Events tab and double left click on either of the FrontendDay or femusic events. You will be brought to the "Event editor" tab with the event you selected.

Step 5: In the gray space right click and do "add sound", select your ambient sound, and for our case make sure the "loop mode" is set to looping (because it does loop =P) then press okay. Go back to the "Events" tab and do the exact same thing to the other event.

Step 6: Build time! Go to the "Build" drop down menu and press "Build project" on the popup dialog make sure it is PC and not PS3 (unless you are doing this for PS3), select (check mark) your wave bank and hit "build".

Step 7: Go to the directory of where you installed FMOD Director and find your newly created .fsb! Rename it if needed an then put it in your \WormsXHD\Data\Audio\PC\ folder and you're good to go! (It is always a good idea to backup the original file though). Go into the game and hear your newly created audio!

Wrap up: I think there might be a way to add multiple audio to an event and for one to be randomly chosen (edit: percent chance is in Sound definitions tab), but I'm not sure how to do that yet. ^^
I wrote this tutorial within 2 hours of my first custom audio success, so there is still much to do and learn.

Edit 2: The file list I provided is somewhat correct, but not 100%. If you want the true name of events look at the .fsb files with XomView.

Edit 3: It is a great idea in the Banks tab to change the compression of your sound file(s) so the .fsb isn't x10 larger than it needs to be.
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Worms Ultimate Mayhem Audio Editing
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